Feminize Boyfriend-Help Him Show The Softer Side

Feminize Boyfriend-Help Him Show The Softer Side

Men are typically regarded as masculine, strong, and destructive. We view them as the defenders and providers for our family. But as time wears on and our social situations change, we often find ourselves at odds with the opposite sex. This can often times lead to women wanting to feminize boyfriend.

Most women want their boyfriends or husbands to show a softer side, or their more feminine side. It is not all bad. Most guys have this soft side to them anyways, as it goes hand in hand with wanting to protect and take care of their family. But there are limits to how far it can, or should go.

Some women make the mistake of wanting to change their man to be more like their girlfriends, someone they can talk more openly with and be better friends with. And while this sounds all fine and dandy on paper, in practice it generally does not go over so well.

While you should be friends with your partner, that does not mean you want them to be someone they are not. You can be friends with your boyfriend without him acting like one of your girlfriends. It was his original personality that drew you to him in the first place, so changing it is not really a good idea.

Instead of trying to feminize boyfriend, try to understand him better. Men and women seem so vastly different, and in a lot of ways they are. However they are still humans with feelings, thoughts, and desires. If you treat them as a person instead of a gender, it can be easier to get along.

If you want your boyfriend to be more open and understanding, then you should try to be as well. There is a misconception that men are not as emotional as women, or do not like to share their feelings. However guys have all the same emotions as women, and want a shoulder to lean on as well. If you show you are there for him, then he will make sure to be there for you.

A lot of problems arise when we let gender stand in the way. All that matters in a relationship is your personality, the body housing it should not effect it. If you share common interests and hobbies, then you should not need nor want to change your boyfriend.

While you will not agree on everything, being friends means you enjoy being together, talking to each other, and have similar interests. If this is not the case then trying to feminize boyfriend is not the answer, you two are simply not meant for each other.

While it is tempting to want to change your boyfriend to be more like your ideal man, remember that he is who he is and you fell in love with him, not the man you think he should be. And if you go trying to change him that just tells him he is not good enough, and can build up resentment towards you.

If you truly feel the need to change him because he does not make you happy, then instead you might want to break up and find a guy who does make you happy.